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What types of vehicles do you dismantle?
We dismantle any car or light truck, import or domestic. We do not dismantle large trucks, buses or tractors, motorcycles. We don’t keep antique vehicles. Most of our parts are for vehicles fifteen years old and newer.

Do you stock new parts?
Yes. In fact, we stock thousands of new and rebuilt OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket parts. We do this to supplement our recycled parts inventory because we can’t get enough of certain parts from wrecked vehicles.

What is an “aftermarket” part?
Aftermarket refers to any new part that is not “OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Generally aftermarket parts are less expensive than OEM. We stock a huge selection of aftermarket parts, from air shocks to headlamps, and all are great quality.

What is your warranty on used parts?
All parts carry a 6 month “no hassle” warranty. We also offer one and two year extended warranties on all parts we sell, at a very reasonable cost. In addition, we offer warranties to pay labor costs in the event of the failure of one of our parts.

What is your warranty on rebuilt and new parts?
New and rebuilt parts come with six month, one year or two year warranties. Since the warranty comes from the manufacturer, it all depends on the part type.

How many parts do you have?
We stock over 100,000 recycled, new, and after market auto parts.

How do you keep track of all those parts?
All of our parts and cars are managed by our “yard management system,” computer software developed specifically for the auto recycling industry. Computers have allowed us to be much more efficient than we were in the “old days.” Now, with bar coding and the Internet and networking capabilities we seamlessly manage the entire operation with precision that was unthinkable even a decade ago.

Where do your cars come from?
We obtain vehicles from a variety of sources. Increasingly our vehicles come from insurance auto auctions. We competitively bid to purchase these later model cars and trucks for their parts. We also purchase from dealerships, garages, body shops, and from the general public, in other words from you!

Are all of your parts “on the shelf”?
We have a indoor warehouse, with thousands of pre-dismantled parts on the shelf. However, we can’t have everything on the shelf. That is why we keep acres of cars! Because our computer tracks every sale and every part look up we are able to pull parts that are likely to sell. However, some parts have to be left “on the vehicle”. We have a special crew that pulls those parts as needed. Usually a day’s notice is all we need.

How do auto-recycling yards save me money?
Because we sell recycled parts for a fraction of the cost of new, you can save 50% to 90% off the price of new parts. In addition, insurance rates are held down because of the cost savings on insurance claims by the use of recycled parts. And, the huge amount of scrap metal generated by auto recyclers reduces the price on new products that can be manufactured using recycled materials.

Do you deliver?
We have a fleet of delivery vehicles that deliver daily to business accounts within approximately a 75-mile radius of us. We do not generally deliver to private parties.

If you have the part I need but my car is at a repair shop how do I get it there?
We will deliver free of charge to any shop in our delivery area. As long as you have cleared it with the shop, and the part has been paid for. Usually customers ask us to do this for larger, heavier items, such as motors and transmissions. Chances are your shop is already one of our customers, and we are more than happy to assist them to get your vehicle repaired.

Do you ship parts?
We have shipped parts to every state in the union. We have perhaps one of the finest shipping facilities of any automotive recycler in the nation. We have four full time shipping personnel who know how to wrap, pack, and box any and every conceivable part. From an air cleaner to half of a car (either half) we can and do ship out thousands of packages a year.

Can I pull my own parts?
Sorry, no. The days of letting people roam through our yard are over. In order to ensure safety and quality control we don’t allow anyone in our warehouses or yard except our own employees.

Can you install the parts I purchase?
We now offer installation on most parts that are purchased at our location, please call for more details at 623.582.3536.

If you don’t have my part can you find it?
Absolutely. We have four parts locating systems with access to thousands of salvage yards and millions of parts. It’s the rare part that we can’t find. And when you buy it through us the part goes through our inspection process and you get our warranty.

Why do you charge core charges on some items? What is a core charge?
A core charge is really just a deposit. Mechanical parts (not body parts) have value to rebuilders who transform an old defective part into a useable part. To ensure that we get your old part back in exchange we charge a “core charge,” or deposit, until you can return it. There are numerous benefits to doing this. First, when we sell the core to a rebuilder, it helps us to sell you the part at a lesser price. Secondly, by returning your old part to us, we get it back into the “recycling stream” where it will do some good, either as a rebuilt part, or as scrap. This helps to conserve natural resources, including the energy required to create a part from scratch, from the mining of the raw materials to the machining and manufacturing of the part.Additionally, when you turn in your old part to a certified recycler, you know that it will be handled in an environmentally responsible manner. Leaking fluids, grease and other potentially harmful materials will be contained. Better than tossing it into the garbage where it will eventually end up in a landfill, don’t you think?

Who buys parts from you?
Smart people. Seriously, anyone who drives or fixes vehicles can and should buy parts from an automotive recycler. Our main customers are body shops, mechanical repair shops, transmission shops and the driving public. We also sell parts to fleet companies, city municipal garages, and glass companies, to name a few. Remember, all vehicles run on used parts.

Is there an association for auto recyclers?
Yes. In Arizona we are members of the Arizona Automotive Recyclers Association (AARA). We are active members and currently serve on the board of directors. We are also members of the national association, Automotive Recyclers of America (ARA).

Is this a “junk yard”?
We really hate that term. No, we are not a junk yard. A junkyard is just a field of rusting hulks. We are an automotive recycling facility that carefully uses best business practices to safely and efficiently process wrecked and disabled automobiles for their useable parts. So there.

How do I verify the year of my vehicle or the engine size?
Use a VIN decoder. Every car has a VIN, or “vehicle identification number.” This is the 17-digit number that appears on a tag placed usually on your driver’s door and also visible through your windshield on the driver’s side. It is surprising how many people, and even repair shops, get the year or engine size wrong, causing them to order the wrong part. The easiest thing to do is to give the VIN number to one of our sales people and have them decode it for you.

Can I buy body parts in the same color as my car?
Sometimes we can accommodate you, especially if we are well stocked on certain model cars and we have many choices. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match, because of fading and year differences. Also, we will not attempt to locate parts by color.

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